Wide and Narrow Alleys

The Wide and Narrow Alley (aka Wide and Narrow Lanes) located in Chengdu Shudu Avenue, with a total length of about 500 meters, is a unique civilization street of the old Chengdu residential characteristics. It is one of the three major historical and cultural protected areas of Chengdu; consist of the wide lane, narrow lane and Jing lane three parallel old-fashioned streets and the courtyard house between them.

Wide and Narrow Lane Chengdu

The Wide and Narrow Alley is a large scale ancient street inherited from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), together with Daci Temple and Chengdu Wenshu Temple known as the three major historical and cultural city protection block.

Chengdu Wide and Narrow Alley

After the Historical and Cultural Protection Area Improvement Project, the Wide and Narrow Alley opened to tourists on 14th June, 2008. Base on the clue of "Chengdu Living Spirit" and the protection of original really architectural style in old Chengdu, which has created the Wide and Narrow Lanes as “the negatives old Chengdu and living room of the new urban." Of which, the Wide Alley with local customs and life scenes is a mirror of old Chengdu life, while the Narrow Alley with modern bars, boutique shops, and elegant restaurants, is a fashion center for new life and young people.

The Wide and Narrow Alley is the epitome of the old days of the oldest and youngest Chengdu; it is also a symbol in profound memory.

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