A Thousand Plateaus Art Space

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space (Qian Gao Yuan Yi Shu Kong Jian) is a Chinese contemporary art space set up in the important Chinese Contemporary Art City -- Chengdu. It features works of art showrooms, image data collection and screening room, as well as a complete and open online database of artistic works.

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space Chengdu

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space mainly researches, presents and promotes the outstanding works and experimental projects associated with contemporary Chinese art and culture. It dedicates itself to organizing the communication channel between the society, institution, collectors and the artists, and actively developing cooperation projects at home and abroad.

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space mainly principal display and launch emerging art and outstanding projects of growing talent and value, and to discover and promote new and creative artists. It offers customized art programs, artwork sales, collection management consulting, art education programs and curatorial services.

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space











Opening Hours

10:30am - 18:30pm (Tue.- Sun.)


3-5 Southern District, Tiexiang Temple Riverfront, 699 First Tianfu Street, High-Tech Development Zone, Chengdu

How to get

Taxi or Bus No.77, 79, 114, 12, 93, 26, 51, 52

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