Chengdu Zoo

Chengdu Zoo located in the northern suburbs of Chengdu City (about 4 km), and adjacent to the famous Western Sichuan Zhaojue Temples.

Covering 18 hectares, with 3,000 animals of 250 species living in the zoo, it is the largest zoo in the Southwest of China and listed in the national top ten zoos. There are over 30 halls of various designs reflected in green trees and bamboo and flowers, but the most popular beasts are undoubtedly the giant pandas.

Chengdu Zoo

Chengdu Zoo won a gold medal of the "Global 500 Best" of the UN Environmental Program in June 1989. The zoo holds the world's most successful pandas by artificial insemination. The Panda Hall -- the zoo's largest building, which covers 5600 square meters are spacious and ingeniously designed, shaded among bamboo and surrounded by ditches. Ten pandas live at the zoo and laze away their days in panda house.

Chengdu Zoo-White Tiger

In recent years, in order to improve the living environment and welfare of animals, Chengdu Zoo makes expansion or build new construction for most animal habitat environment, adjusts and re-planning garden greening, and adjusts animal's food depending on their habits.

When you walk in the zoo, you can see the naive panda, agile cute monkey, small squirrel monkey; also, there are beautiful black, white swans, cranes, hydrophilic crane, and white-napped crane at Waterfowl Lake. In the summer, people can also enjoy the slim and graceful lotus.

Questions & Answers about Chengdu Zoo

Asked by Peter Cheuk from USA 2014-08-10

Can I see Panda in the zoo? Would they allow tourist to pet the panda?

Answered by Trip China Guide    2014-08-11

The zoo don't allow the visitors to pet the pandas. In Chengdu Panda Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (, visitors can embrace the pandas, but they must donate/pay the base.

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