Teahouses in Chengdu

An old Chengdu saying goes, "Sunny days are rare, but teahouses are abundant”. Teahouses have played diverse social roles in the history of Chengdu. Locals are passionate about going to tea houses, not only for tea, snacks, and entertainment, but also for social gatherings and business meetings. Tea houses have also served as unofficial courthouses where local people resolved conflicts under advisement of community leaders.

Teahouses in Chengdu

Historical records, the earliest Chinese teahouse originated in Sichuan. In Chengdu, there are teahouses in downtown, tea stalls at alleys, tea canteens in parks, tea gardens at universities, and in other words, teahouse everywhere, especially in old alleys and streets.

Traditional tea houses in Chengdu usually feature bamboo chairs and wooden tables and offer jasmine, long jing and biluochun tea. Modern tea houses can be spotted on almost every city corner. The price for tea varies from 5 RMB to several hundred. Besides tea and snacks, almost all tea houses offer mahjong sets, tables, and sometimes separate mahjong rooms. Most locals go to tea houses to play mahjong with friends. Some luxury tea houses in Chengdu also offer live entertainment such as Sichuan opera shows.

Just as the proverb says, “blue sky is rare above head, while teahouses are many in eyes ", the large and small teahouse has become "a unique feature of Chengdu".

Teahouses Chengdu

Famous Teahouses in Chengdu

As the saying goes, Tea houses of Sichuan rank first in the world, while those of Chengdu rank first in Sichuan. Tea houses play an important role in the lives of natives. Distributed throughout the city, tea houses are far more than places for drinking tea. They are places for relaxation and social activities, and even more, as a reflection of local life. Here one may enjoy such genuine Chinese teas as jasmine, Maofeng and Zhuyeqing, and Sichuan opera performances as well.

◎Shunxin Old Teahouse

Shunxin Old Teahouse is one of the famous tea houses in Chengdu. It is located on the third floor of Jiazhou restaurant - an old tea house with modern design. You can appreciate the traditionally classic performance of china at Shunxin Old Teahouse that includes Changing faces, fire-breathing, blowing lamp,etc. It must be a fantastic place for you to learn about the culture and history of Chengdu tea house.

◎Heming Tea House

Heming Tea House, an outdoor teahouse located inside People's Park (Renmin Park), is picturesque and quiet; service time from 6:00 to 19:00. The teahouse was built in 1920's, here you may see beggers, fortune tellers, shoeshine men/women, news vendors, ears pickers/cleaners, Tofu pudding vendors...but many foreign tourists seem to like visiting this teahouse.

◎Chengdu Kuanhe Teahouse

Chengdu Kuanhe Teahouse is a high grade professional theme tea house combining professional tea performance, sipping tea, business association activities with traditional tea ceremony which inscribed as China Mengdingshan tea house of tea culture by the government of Mingshan County in Sichuan province. It is conveniently situated close to the center of urban area, adjacent to the south of Second Ring Road. With a quiet and antique environment, it also provides careful and thoughtful services for patrons. There are dozens of fine tea that China decade’s daimio tea for you tasting. As long as you love tea, it is worth coming here to sense a different feeling of tea as one of the best things to do in Chengdu.

◎Daci Temple Teahouse

The oldest Chengdu tea house is Daci Temple Teahouse. It has a long history of 1200 years. Daci Temple with tea drums and the "tea head" (the person who pours tea for guest) of the reception guests, conducts various types of tea party etiquette according to the different monasteries internal manners. It is located at Daci temple of Jinjiang area. If you are the person who likes a meditative life style, it's absolutely the place that suits you the most.

◎Yuelai Teahouse

Yuelai Teahouse, located on Huaxingzheng Street, provides free Sichuan opera performances from 14:00 to 16:00 every Tuesday and Saturday.

◎Dabei Temple Teahouse

Dabei Temple Teahouse enjoys a good reputation for its history and surrounding ancient architecture. Antique and Chinese calligraphy and painting exchanges often take place here.

Wenshu Temple Teahouse

Wenshu Temple Teahouse attracts the locals and visitors with its traditional tea services and inexpensive prices. It is located inside Wenshu Temple, Middle Renmin Road.

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