Mahjong in Chengdu

Mahjong has been an essential part of most local people's life. Almost every household in Chengdu has at least one set of mahjong. People play mahjong at home, under the trees in the residential areas or in teahouses. On sunny days, local people like to play mahjong on the sidewalks, especially in the area nearby the Fu Nan River. Most people play with money to make the game more exciting.

Chengdu Style Mahjong

Mahjong is the most popular entertainment choice among locals for several reasons. Chengdu locals have simplified the rules and made it easier to play as compared to Cantonese mahjong. A small amount of gambling is regarded as harmless entertainment. Friends and families chat over mahjong tables, making mahjong an important social vehicle. In fact, many business people negotiate deals while playing mahjong.

Chengdu Mahjong

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