Qingyang Temple

Qingyang Temple (lit. Green Ram Temple) was first built in the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046 B.C.-771 B.C.). It was destroyed and reconstructed many times in the subsequent dynasties. The existing buildings were constructed in the Qing Dynasty. The temple is the largest and oldest Taoist temple in Chengdu. Two bronze rams are placed in the front of the main hall of the temple, hence the name; it is said that they are divine rams for wiping out calamities and driving out evil spirits. And just by touching them anyone in illness or disaster can be recovered or rescued.  

Qingyang Taoist Temple

The temple preserves the only extant wooden engraving of “Daojiao Jiyao,” a collection of important scriptures. The nine-meter high statues in this temple such as Yuqing (the Celestial Being of the First Beginning), Shangqing (the Celestial Being of the Holy Treasure), and Taiqing (the Celestial Being of the Way and Ethics) are the first class among the Taoist temples in China.

Qingyang Taoist Temple

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