Happy Valley

Chengdu Happy Valley is the first national 5A-class tourist attractions and the first brand China theme park; it is the third station to the country of the Happy Valley chain brand Happy Valley after Shenzhen and Beijing Happy Valley. Its "stylish, dynamic, fun and fantasy" attracts numerous domestic and foreign tourists.

Chengdu Happy Valley

Chengdu Happy Valley is located in 16th Xihua Avenue, Jinniu District, covering 470,000 square meters. The park consists of the Sunlight Port, Happy Hour, Caribbean Cyclones, Basu Sensation, Flying Islands, Magical Castle, and Leap the Mediterranean seven subjects. Of which, there are more than 130 experience and viewing projects, including 43 recreational equipment and facilities, 58 human ecology landscapes, 10 performing arts, 20 themed games and commercial ancillary items.

Chengdu Happy Valley

The cabaret is fantastic and the festive events are passionate in the Happy Valley. Cartoon Theater for kids provides funny clowns, magic shows, and verity acrobatic performances which have detonated joy boiling point and lit carnival feast!

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