The Fasting Palace

Aka Living Hall, built in 1420 (the 18th year of Ming Emperor Yongle's reign), was the place where the emperor used to exercise abstinence from meat, drink, music, women, and dealing with state affairs three days before conducting sacrificial rites at the temple. The Palace, facing east and located at the southwest of the Altar of Prayer for Grains, is covered with green tiles symbolizing the emperors's obedience to Heaven. The square shaped Palace covers an area of 40,ooo square meters. Within the Palace there are buildings for ritual, service adn defense such as the Beamless Hall, bed chambers, a belfry, a stone pavilion housing a bronze statue (symbol of justice and righteousness), and rooms for gurds and servants. The palace with a canonical layout and beautiful evironment is girdled by a double wall and a double moat.
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