Red Stairway Bridge (Danbi Bridge)

The 360-meter-long and 30-meter-wide Red Stairway Bridge, which is 4 meters highter than the ground, is the walkway connecting the Altar of Praying for Bumper Harvests to the Circular Mound Altar. Under its middle there are some east-west arches as in a bridge, so it got the name Red Stairway Bridge, which is considered the oldest flyover in Beijing. On the bridge there are three hierarchical paths, namely the Sacred Road, Imperial Road, and Noble Road - the central stone one was the Sacred Road for God, the east brick one was the Imperial Road for the emperors and the west one was the Noble Road for the imperial chancellors and attendants. The north end is higher than the south end, which makes one feel like stepping into a celestial palace when walking from the south end to the north end.
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