Tiger Hill

Lying to the west of the ancient city of Suzhou with a history of over 2500 years, the Tiger Hill has had the reputation of being No. 1 Sight of Suzhou. There are three most wonderful viewing places on the hill, nine different ways of enjoying it under nine different weather conditions and 18 sights of the hill. It can match its beauty against other famous mountains and rivers. The Sword Pool conceals the secret of Tomb of King Wu with his valuable swords. At the top of the hill stands the great, archaic Yunyan Temple Pagoda, known as the Leaning Tower of Suzhou, having a history of over 1000 years and serving as an emblem of the ancient city of Suzhou. Under the sword pool is the mysterious Tomb of King Wu with the windy dale and cloudy spring, making visitors reluctant to leave. ''It would be a pity if you had been to Suzhou but didn't get to visit the Tiger Hill'', said the Song poet Su Dongpo.

Tiger Hill Park Suzhou

The Tiger Hill has been an important meeting-place where the Spring Peony Fair, the Summer Enjoyment of Coolness Fair, the Autumn Sweet Osmanthus Fair, the Qingming Festival, the Mid July Festival, and the October Temple Fair used to be held periodically. In order to carry forward the traditional culture of Suzhou and bring back the traditional appearance, the Tiger Hill has started to hold flower-show in spring and temple fair in autumn in accordance with historical records since the early 1990s. When the flower-show is held every spring, the Tiger Hill is decorated with a variety of famous flowers, affording a spectacular view. When the temple fair is held every autumn, the Tiger Hill becomes a bustling place where the northern and southern styles of performing arts with gongs and drums can be seen. Now the flower-show and the temple fair have become very popular tourist activities and favorite tourist products of Suzhou. The tiger-hill has lure and beauty all its own, combing perfectly the picturesque scenery with culture legacies. It is a brilliant, uncommon cultural treasure of humanity.

Address: No.8,Huqiu Shanmen Nei, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Opening Hours: 7:30 am - 17:30pm

Entrance Fee

Busy season: ¥60.00 (April 16-October 30)

Off season: ¥40.00 (October 31 - April 15)

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