Pingjiang Road

Pingjiang Road is a historical Street of Suzhou, is a path along the river, which named Pingjiang River. Pingjiang Road is a very nice ancient road with very typical water feature. There is graceful ease elegant style, and has better retained multiple water alley, which is an ancient street featuring the most flavor of water town of Suzhou ancient city.

Ping Jiang Road Suzhou

In its north is the Humble Administrator's Garden, and south can see the Twin Towers, the total length of Pingjiang Road is 1,606 meters. There is Lion Temple Lane, Chuan Fang Lane, East Huaqiao Lane, Cao Hu Xu Lane, Large New Bridge Lane, Medium Zhang Jia Lane, Daru Lane, Shaw Lane, Niu Lane, Suspension Bridge Lane and so on. The famous officials Hong Jun in later Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and his third wife Sai Jinhua once lived in Suspension Bridge Lane.

Ping Jiang Road Charming Landscape

The houses here are built by the river. The quiet river with old houses, pavilions, bridges and flowers enhance each other's beauty, which like a scroll painting, tells the elegance of Suzhou.

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