Panmen City Gate

Panmen City Gate, also known as Pan Gate, is the oldest city gate in Suzhou. Panmen Gate is the oldest city gate of Suzhou and the only existing water and land gate in China. With a history of 2,500 years, Panmen Gate is a famous historical landmark of Suzhou stands at the southwestern corner of the ancient city of Suzhou. It used to be one of the eight city gates during the Spring & Autumn Annals (770-476 BC) when Suzhou was the capital of the Wu Kingdom.

Pan Gate

The current gate was reconstructed in 1351. It consists of Water and Land Gates, city gate tower, and city walls at both sides. Walking onto the top of the gate, you can see the Wu Gate Bridge and the Auspicious Light Pagoda. Together, they are popularly known as the Three Scenes at Pan Gate.

Pan Gate Suzhou

The gate tower we see today was rebuilt in 1986. It looks magnificent, with flying eaves and up-turning corners. Equipped with all kinds of facilities needed in ancient defensive battles, such as shooting holes, sluice gateways and lookout towers, the city gate seems to have brought the ancient Suzhou city back to us.

Pan Gate as the ancient buildings of Yuan Dynasty (1721-1368), it was listed as cultural relics protection units of Jiangsu Province in 1982;and in May 25, 2006, the State Council approved it into the inclusion of the sixth national cultural heritage list.

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