Ding Hui Temple

Ding Hui Temple was initially built in the Xingping year (194 A.D. -195 A.D.) of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 A.D. -220 A.D.). The temple once had grand scale, it had three thousand monks in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Therefore, it has a prominent position in the Buddhist temple, and it is a famous ancient Chinese temple.

Two Towers at Ding Hui Temple Suzhou

Dinghui Temple had famous monks in different ages. Disciple of Master Xuanzang came here to create the Main Hall; Disciple of Master Jian Zhen was the temple abbot; HouTang Kumu Master rebuilt the Main Hall, and built Deadwood Church. During the Anti-Japanese War, the abbot Jing Yan active anti-Japanese, and when face d Japanese torture, he remained unyielding.

In the front of the Heaven King Hall, there is an ancient wooden structure square pavilion, which erected a stone tablet in it. It was engraved with the works of Qing emperor Qianlong of his first and third southern tour. There also collect the famous monuments---- handwritten inscription "Bury Hok-ming" of Wang Xizhi (303—361), who was a famous calligrapher in Eastern Jin Dynasty(317-420). The font of the handwritten inscription is chic, vigorous and wonderful, attracting numerous visitors.

Ding Hui Temple at Suzhou

There are famous Suzhou Twin Towers in the temple, also known as the Rohan Courtyard Twin Towers. The appearance of the two towers is almost exactly the same, built in the Northern Song (960-1127). Distance between the two towers is only 20 meters, 7 layers, and the East Tower’s height is 33.3 meters, while West Tower is 33.7 meters. 

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