Guangqian Street

Guangqian Street (Guanqian Jie) is a hundred commercial streets formed in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), old shops and boutiques shops are gathered here, which fame spread far and wide and abroad.

Suzhou Guangqian Street

Located in bustling downtown area in Suzhou, it does boast a Taoist Temple in its center and this street is named after the temple. Guanqian was set to walking street in early 1982; it is the country's first commercial pedestrian street.

People Enjoy Their Time at Suzhou Guangqian Street

Guanqian Street is famous for the Xuanmiaoguan. Xuanmiaoguan is a grand Taoist building with 1,300 years of history´╝îwhich compose of the main hall and a dozen other temples.

Suzhou Guangqian Street Roadside Market

Suzhou is a consumer-oriented city in history. Therefore, there has been many multi-cuisine and gourmet since ancient times. Guanqian Street, as the most bustling commercial street in the ancient city of Suzhou, of course, gathered many boutiques and famous shops. Such as duck, sauce, Suzhou seeds, hemp candy, fruit cakes, Suzhou moon cake, etc. These cuisines not only show the gusto of Suzhou people's lives, but also embody the feature of eclectic and tolerance of Suzhou food culture.

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