Suzhou Inscriptions Museum

Suzhou Inscriptions Museum is a thematic class museum which dedicated collects, researches, exhibits and reproduces the ancient inscriptions. The museum's buildings were Suzhou Confucian Temple built in the Northern Song Dynasty, which has nearly a thousand years of history so far.

Suzhou Inscriptions Museum Jiangsu

The Suzhou Inscriptions Museum has now become the entire world of inscriptions; there are 1000 pieces steles of all kinds. The 223 economic inscriptions display on the complex gallery, is the First-hand material to research the incipient capitalism of Suzhou in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) Dynasties.

Suzhou Inscriptions Museum

The main hall - the Great Hall, display Suzhou stone rubbings which divided into four categories of figures, history, monuments and calligraphy, reflecting the Suzhou long history and splendid culture. In addition, the museum's basic display also includes the Song Dynasty (960-1127) stone carvings four diagrams, famous works of calligraphy, etc.

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