Suzhou Silk Museum

The famous cultural city of Suzhou is not only a City of Garden, but also a House of Silk. During the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1127) dynasties, Suzhou is a national silk center; during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties, the royal fine silk fabrics were mostly from Suzhou weavers' hands. Suzhou is known as the hometown of silk in the world.

Silk Museum Suzhou

Covering an area of 9,410 square meters, the various displays in Suzhou Silk Museum give an excellent overview of the history of Suzhou's silk industry and aspects of silk culture and silk production. Exhibits include over 80 traditional looms, 320 samples of silk from various dynasties, 30 bolts of ancient silk, 350 ancient garments, and a large number of samples of modern silk products. Visitors can also see live silkworms in various stages of their life cycle, as well as examples of silk embroidery and clothing.

Silk Museum Suzhou China

The architectural and decorative style of the museum is fresh and elegant; its artistic architecture is a perfect combination of ancient charm and modern style. The exhibition hall is divided into Sequence Hall, the Ancient Hall, Silkworm Mulberry Home, the Middle Hall, Modern Museum (Ming and Qing Street), Modern Gallery (Fairview court) and other eight parts displaying a lot of collections of fine silk works. It is also a multi-functional museum which sets collections, exhibitions, research, education, copy, production, shopping, dining and travel in one. 

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