The Beautiful West Causeway in Summer Palace in Beijing Summer Palace

The West Causeway is modeled on the Su Causeway of the West Lake in Hangzhou. From north to sourth,the causeway is connected by six bridges, each unique in style; the Lake-Dividing Bridge, the Bridge of Pastoral Poems, the Jade Belt Bridge, the Mirror Bridge, the Silk Bridge and the Willow Bridge. Between the Silk Bridge and the Willow Bridge is the Pavilion of Bright Scenery. It was named after the essay, On the Yueyang Tower, a famous piece by Fan Zhongyan, a well-known writer of the Song Dynasty, He wrote, "the spring is peacefull and the scenery bright; the waves are asleep", Peach and willow trees were planted on the causeway so that when spring came, the green of the willow trees and the red of the peach blossoms would combined to recreate the scenery of south China.
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