Mu's Residence

Located in the southwest corner of the ancient city of Lijiang, with spectacular architectures of Ming Dynasty, Mu's Residence once was family's house of the southwest great chieftain. As there is a saying goes that "North of Forbidden City, South of Mu's Residence", Mu's Residence is the "Grand View Garden" of Lijiang Old Town.

Mu's Residence covers an area of 46 acres, it is a splendid architectural art of court, which fully reflects the architectural style of the Central Plains in Ming Dynasty, while retaining the Tang and Song architectural features, and meanwhile, the layout of courtyard has the spirit of Naxi culture.

Over the past 700 years, the Mus had always been the ruler of Lijiang. Mu's Residence Lijiang is the gathering place of Naxi people. The surname Mu was bestowed by the Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. The Mus was a wise family, which had kept governing the place over twenty generations. Though the emperors and dynasties changed as time went on in China, the Mus could always keep good relationship with the central government and was even constantly awarded.

The Mus liked to learn the culture and knowledge of the Han people. They made opening and magnanimous policy for the Naxi religions, Dongba and other religions such as Taoism. All of these made the multicultural flavor of Lijiang. Some members of the Mus were even become excellent poets, calligraphists and writers.

Unfortunately, most of the buildings destroyed in the late Qing Dynasty (1636-1911), the surviving stone arch also destroyed by the "Cultural Revolution." But, after the earthquake in 1996, World Bank identified what treasure, and loaned large sums of money helping the reconstruction of Mu's Residence. After three years of hard work, Mu's Residence reproduces the world. After reconstruction, Mu's Residence become more spectacular than before, while promotes the traditional culture of the Naxi. Today, Mu's Residence has become a famous tourist attraction.

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