Lion Hill Park

Located in the downtown of Lijiang, Lion Hill Park is an important part of the World Heritage Lijiang. The park is named as lion after the main mountain in the park like a sleeping lion. Lion Hill Park is a main attraction of the National scenic areas. And it is the only forest park built on hillside in Lijiang Ancient City (aka Ancient Town of Lijiang).

Lion Hill Park has a total area of 15 hectares; the forest coverage rate reached 90%, with more than 40 strains 800-year-old cypresses trees. The Eternal Floor, which locates in the Lion Hill peak, is the landmark building of Lijiang. The building is 33 meters high, and with 16 main columns (22 meters), which is famous for “the first all-wood structure floor of China."

 The Lion Hill Park is the best place to see the panoramic view of Lijiang Ancient City, and it is the ideal place to understand the history of the ancient city. The tour to Lion Hill Park is an integral part of tourists’ Lijiang tours.

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