Naxi Ancient Music

In the music culture of Lijiang Naxi (Nakhi) people, there is a famous Naxi Ancient Music. According to research, this ancient music originated in the 14th century. It is the most ancient music of Yunnan Province; also it is one of the most ancient music in China or all over the world. Naxi Ancient Music is the art crystallization of Naxi people who create under the accepting of the Central Plains (the central plains of China) civilization‘s influence (which representing by Confucian culture).

Because of this music is handed down to save in Naxi area, so it is named "Naxi Ancient Music" by the operator. Naxi Ancient Music has its unique aura, known as "musical fossil." The most appreciative of Naxi Ancient Music is its "rare treasures." The first treasure is the ancient song; followed ancient musical instruments, musicians’ hands holding instrument are all over a century history; then there is the ancient artists.

Naxi Ancient Music’s charm has a long history. In Lijiang Old Town (Old Town of Lijiang), the performances of the "Naxi Concert Hall" (every night) have attracted a lot of audiences from around the world. To appreciate this "living fossil" music has become the indispensable element of many people who travel to Lijiang. And "Naxi Ancient Music" has become an important tourism brand of Lijiang.

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