Spruce Plateau

With an elevation of 3,240 meters, Spruce Plateau is a huge lawn hidden in the original spruce forest, which located in the eastern foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Every spring and summer, through the tightly wrapped forest, there is filled with green grass and blooming flowers. So quiet, wonderful, and beautiful, where just as a fairyland general.

It was given forth that Spruce Plateau was the place that the first Naxi Valentine died for their love. They were very affectionate, but were destroyed by feudal marriage polygamy. They yearned for freedom love lives, and both died on Spruce Plateau for their love. So every Torch Festival in June, young men and women who living in villages near Jade Dragon Snow Mountain will come here pay homage to them.

Spruce Plateau in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Lijiang

Spruce Plateau is regarded as the entrance of the "Third Kingdom" in Naxi myths and legends. Here, the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is in close proximity, and the millennium glacier is clearly visible. Besides viewing the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, enjoying the exotic forests and secluded places, you can also enjoy the Naxi ethnic song and dance.

Take the funicular, just ten minutes you can be sent to the cable car station, and then along the paved forest wood plank, or ride the local Yi girls’ rental pony , you can reach another nirvana of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain - Spruce Plateau.

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