Impression Lijiang

The Impression LiJiang is a real landscape drama directed by Zhang Yimou. It uses landscapes as the background and showing the local folk customs, the form of song and dance drama. The original ecology of large live performance Impression Lijiang was firstly performed in July 23, 2008, lasted more than a year, with a project investment of 250 million RMB, and completed after hundreds of times changes.

The performance theater locates in the Dry Sea of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Area. It is the tallest live performance venue at an altitude of 3,100 meters, and is the only real performances which acing during the daytime. All the actors (more than 500) of the Impression Lijiang are local peasants from 16 ethnic villages in Lijiang.

Impression Lijiang is divided into six parts, composing of “Tea Horse Road And Caravan", "Snow-capped Mountains Of The Wine", “Immeasurably Vast"", " "Playing Jump Group Song", " Drum Dance Worship Heaven", and "Blessing Ceremony". Impression Lijiang shows the ancient Dongba culture, a long history of Tea Horse Road and local Naxi folk customs.

Performances use the natural beauty of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as a background. Sometimes drastic changes, wind, rain, snow, clouds, and sun, all constituent elements of the performance are given by the real nature. As the show progresses, the performances of nature are constantly changing. Sometimes storm is ahead, sometimes sunny, sometimes winds gather rain, and sometimes snowing heavily. That will bring you with a different experience. The visual feast brought by the live performance of Impression LiJiang has its incomparable charm.


11:00 - 12:10 am; 14:00-15:10pm


Blue Moon Valley Theather, Jade Dragon Snow Mountian, Lijiang, Yunnan, China

Ticket Price:

190 ¥ (common), 280 ¥(VIP), 680 ¥(VIP) 

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