Joseph Rock's Former Residence

Joseph Rock's Former Residence (Former Residence of Joseph Rock)is located in Snow Song village g natural village which on the south of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain , about10 kilometers away from the Old Town of Lijiang .

The house is the former residence of the famous "father of Naxiology"-- American Austrian Josef Rock (1884-1962). In May of 1922, Rock was appointed as explorer, copywriter, and photographer by United States national Geographic magazine to the Yunnan Province of China. His job was to conduct a botanic research and specimen collecting in Hengduan Mountain range. However, Lock was deeply attracted by the wonderful local conditions and customs. Thus, he changed to research the Nakhi (Naxi) culture.

Former Residence of Joseph Rock

Make Snow Song village as headquarters, Rock collected tens of thousands of plant specimens and a lot of seeds in northwest Yunnan. Meanwhile, he took a large number of precious photographs about plants and folk customs, and translated hundreds of the Dongba scriptures. He sent what had seen and heard as well as the precious photos of the expedition to the United States continuously and which was published in influential U.S. National Geographic magazine. Rock is the foreign scholar who first comprehensive introduced the Ethnic Culture of Lijiang to the Western world.

Rock former residence has been completely restored and turned into "Rock Former Residence” and opened to visitors. Joseph Rock's Former Residence now existing a courtyard gallery with three-bedroom, which displays Locke's relics and a lot of historical photos taken by Rock.

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