Baisha Mural

Baisha Mural is situated in Baisha Ancient Town (commonly known as Baisha Village), which located about 10 km in the north of Lijiang Old Town. Baisha Mural is an integral part of world cultural heritage and the manifestation of Lijiang Dongba culture as well as an integral part of Lijiang tourism.

The famous "Lijiang Mural" is a great opening product of Naxi society in Ming Dynasty (1368--1644). It draws from the early Ming Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty, which had lasted more than 300 years. During the seventeenth century, it is the prosperous heyday of Lijiang Mural, which dating back is more than five centuries. The Maharatnakuta palace mural which located in Baisha Village was announced as the fourth installment of the country key cultural relics protection units in 1996 by China State Cultural Relics Bureau.

  Baisha Mural is unique and it is eclectic mix for the various religious, cultural and artistic genres. These paintings are obviously demonstrated the artists’ keen observation skills and thoughts and feelings. The religious figures on mural depicting had put into the aesthetic thought of the portrait artists that showing the real social life to some extent.

Today, Baisha Mural has attracted domestic and foreign tourists to come with its distinctive style, precious historical and cultural connotation.

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