Baisha Village

Baisha Village, or Baisha Ancient Town is located in the Dayan town of Lijiang; it is a beautiful ancient town and the earliest birthplace of Nakhi (Naxi) people. Once, as the political, economic and cultural center of Lijiang, Chieftain Mu had built homes and villas here.

There are a number of ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties remained intact now, such as the Large Maharatnakuta Palace and Yufeng Temple. The Maharatnakuta Palace is the architecture of the Ming Dynasty, the wall books on the Palace wall is the biggest wall books of Lijiang. It was painted in the Ming Dynasty, with religious subjects. The Baisha Mural which locates in Baisha Village is the national key cultural relic protection units. And there are the sites of the largest lamasery of Lijiang─- Fuguo Temple.

The rural scenery is beautiful here. Baisha Street was 'Ding' shape; there are square plazas in interchange, which surrounded by houses and pavement, without joining any decorations and modern atmosphere, with ancient and stale, very authentic.

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