Jade Water Village

As a national AAAA level scenic area, Jade Water Village (Yushui Zhai) is located 12km away from the ancient city of Lijiang at the north, Situated at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and at an elevation of 2500 meters. Jade Water Village is one of the major sources of Lijiang River. What’s more, it is the heritage sacred of Lijiang Dongba culture and heritage base of Baisha fine music as well as Lebas dance.

Jade Water Village Lijiang

Jade Water Village has many landscapes which filling with national characteristics and local characteristics. There are the Dragon Three Cascading Waterfalls, Salmon Farming Ecological Sightseeing, Old Trees , Magic Spring , Dongba wall galleries, Dongba Ancestor Temple, Baisha Fine Music Show, Nakhi (Naxi) Ancient Buildings and Traditional Life Display, Dongba Traditional Ritual Activities, Dongba Dance Show, Nakhi Traditional Waterwheel, etc.

Jade Water Village has also built a Dongba Antiquities Gallery, which are arranged to make an exhibition for visitors of Dongba cultural relics. Jade Water Village scenic has 30 Nakhi performers to show the traditional Nakhi songs and dance for tourists.

Jade Water Village Lijiang Yunnan China

Jade Water Village has become an ecological and cultural tourism attraction with natural landscape and cultural landscape interoperability promote. The sentence "Look the legacy to the ancient city of Lijiang, see the scenery to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and appreciate the Nakhi culture to the Jade Water Village " has become the outreach guiding ideology of Lijiang tourism.

Lijiang Jade Water Village

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