Yufeng Temple

Yufeng Temple, also known as Yufeng Lamasery or Yufeng Monastery, located at the southern foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, stands about 13 kilometers to the north of Lijiang City. The temple built in Kangxi thirty-nine years (1700) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), there are nine courtyards when it’s the largest. But today, there exists a hall and tow courtyards. The temple is tied for Lijiang suburban five lamaseries with Fuguo Temple, Puji Temple, Wenfeng Temple and Zhiyun Temple.

The whole Yufeng Temple shows a distinctive and conjunct architectural style of Han Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and the local Naxi Dongba Religion due to the cultural communication between different minorities and different areas in the Qing Dynasty. The trait of compatible and harmonious has enriched the Naxi culture.

Lijiang Yufeng Temple

There is a famous great camellia in its northern. It is said the great camellia was planted between 1465 and 1487 during the Ming Dynasty(1368--1644)before the temple was built. So the tree is more than 500 years old. This tree has three characteristics: First, flowers flourished and with a very long blossoming period (more than 100 days); Second, the blooms are not high, which site can enjoy; Third, Three is a tree two species, and mixed flowering.

This strain of camellia, known as "Yunling first branch", "world Camellia King", and there goes the saying “Yunnan camellia is the best of the world, and Lijiang camellia is the best of Yunnan. In the eyes of the Naxi people, the great camellia is the symbol of true love and this tree is believed to have a magical power to persuade the young lovers to cherish their lives and enjoy happy life in real world. When the camellia fully blooms, the visitors visit and all said absolutely.

Yufeng Lamasery in Lijiang Yunnan China

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